St Nicholas’ Church

In the tenth century Ghent was already a flourishing trade post, stretching from the River Scheldt to the River Lys.

Several parishes were founded here including St. Nicholas Parish. St Nicholas’ Church, which is located in the vicinity of Korenmarkt and the old harbour along Gras- en Korenlei, has always been the church of the merchants and traders, since its foundation in the thirteenth century. The building also reflects the vibrant and rich city life around it.

The church’s stunning interior is the merit of the many guilds which each had a chapel in the church. You can see works by Nicolas De Liemacker and Jean-Baptiste Capronnier here as well as the prestigious Cavaillé-Coll organ and a stained glass window by the Ghent glass artist Herman Blondeel. Currently a large part of the building’s restoration has been completed.

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